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With over thirty years experience in the film industry, both with my own independent film company and with a major studio (20th Century Fox), my expertise and experience in the film business is long and far reaching.

I have been involved in all areas of the independent film business including film financing, development, production, film packaging, domestic and international distribution, marketing, sales, acquisitions and much more. I have worked on over 200+ independent feature films sold globally and executive produced many independent films (refer to www.imdb.com).

My independent film company, based in Los Angeles, was formed at an opportune time – the start of video boom that went around the world from the mid 1980’s through to the mid/late 1990’s. For over a decade, I was executive producing, financing, film packaging and distributing many low budget independent films all around the world – an exciting and rewarding experience!

I was also employed by 20th Century Fox at the studios in Los Angeles and I participated in the release of the feature films “Alien” and “9 to 5.” And also was actively involved in the TV series “MASH”. Soon after Fox, I was a VP at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. It was an amazing experience to participate in a global sports media event and have it be such a success.

Although film is my passion, I have worked with a variety of other notable organizations such as Panasonic, Marvel, Disney and even contributed to an event for Pope John Paul II. Furthermore, I have decided to give back, by teaching and using my years of entertainment industry experience to help direct the next generation of aspiring minds. For the last few years I have been teaching entertainment marketing and business at the University of Miami and the University of Washington, as a full time/part time adjunct professor.

My desire is to benefit filmmakers, producers and film people’s careers by providing them tools,strategies and my many years of independent film experience as well as my years as an educator.

Your success is my success!

John Rodsett

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