I hope this provides you with a sample of the many independent films and entertainment projects. I have been involved
with over the many years of having my own film production and sales agency company.
I have provided either financing, marketing, selling or producing expertise or all -
“from inception to screen” for these independent films and projects..

I have truly lived it, done it, made films, sold films and made money…..how unique is that!

Tons of Fun Protect and Serve Felons Quiet Kill
Cabinet of Dr Ramirez Ocean Warrior Malaika Mirage
Pope John Miami Men Best Revenge
Grizzly Adams November Men AFM Office OJ Outrage
Reporter IQ Marketing X men Desilu
John Rodsett On Set IQ Selling School of Life Soccer
Backroad Justice Men - back cover Men Article Quiet Kill – back cover
Olympics IQ Selling poster IQ Financing Bel Air Bitch Project